A great way to source applicants for a new position is to build up an applicant referral network. Your account helps you achieve this by enabling job seekers and applicants to subscribe to receive Job Alert Emails that notify them when you post new positions. 

What is a Job Alert Email?

An email that your account sends out automatically for you to a list of people who have subscribed to receive notification of new job postings published by your company. The email is distributed to your subscriber list up to once a week and goes out on Tuesdays. It contains a friendly message to subscribers and includes a section for any new jobs posted in the prior week followed by a listing of all of your active jobs.

Here's an example of a Job Alert Email:

Who will receive a Job Alert Email?

Anyone who has subscribed specifically to your company's job alerts will receive the email updates. People can subscribe on your job listing page or as part of the application process right on the application form. 


You can download a list of your Job Alert Email subscribers on the Reports page. Just go to the bottom of the page and click on the Download Email Subscribers button. 

How do I enable/disable Job Alert Emails?


Job Alert Emails are automatically enabled when you create an account. You can disable or re-enable Job Alert Emails by following these steps:

  1. Go to Your Account and select Account Details from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Notifications in the Customize & Design section.
  3. On the list of options, you can toggle on or off the Notify Applicants of New Jobs option.