Understanding Indeed’s Organic Visibility (Free) Option


At most plan levels, when you put your first job online, your active jobs will be sent to Indeed.com to reach Indeed’s 140 million unique visitors each month through organic visibility. We get asked a lot of questions about how this works by employers so we thought to ourselves, there’s no time like the present to share as much info as we can with our employers about how the organic visibility option for Indeed works.


Organic Visibility - What is it?


Let’s start with an explanation of what exactly organic visibility is. Indeed sources job postings for its job board through a variety of means, including receiving jobs through a live feed from Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s). Employers also have the option to pay for premium sponsorship for their job posting to bump the posting’s visibility in a job seeker’s search results. When we refer to organic visibility, it means that a job posting is “ranked solely by relevance or date” in an Indeed.com website visitor’s job search results. “These are the latest jobs related to your search query, and will naturally fall back in search results over time as new roles are added.” 


Indeed may need to conduct a review of your company before they will post your active jobs and give them organic visibility to job seekers. This review process is performed by Indeed’s Search Quality Team, whose job it is to evaluate job postings to make sure they are unique, high quality jobs posted by legitimate companies.

Indeed’s Organic Visibility is a free program with strict guidelines to prevent malicious and spammy postings. Because of the strict guidelines, your job may accidentally breach their guidelines and disqualify it from appearing on their organic board.

If your job postings include any of the following, your job will be flagged and we will not add it to the XML feed being sent to Indeed. 

  • Job postings that use a ‘Dummy’ phone number of 555-5555: Indeed requires accurate phone numbers for all job postings to avoid potential fraudulent posts. 

  • Job Titles with the one or more of the following: 

    • Remote 

    • Sign On Bonus

    • Hiring Bonus

    • Full Time OR Full-Time

    • Part Time OR Part-Time

    • Hire Now 

    • Start Immediately 

Other reasons that your job may not appear on Indeed:

  • Posting the Location in the Job Title

  • Posting two or more differing jobs in the same post.

  • Non-paying/Commission only Job Posts

  • Posting from multiple sources.

    • Indeed only accepts postings from a single source. You cannot post to Indeed from multiple sources.

  • Posting under a Generic Company Name

    • A non-unique Company can lead to Indeed thinking you’re posting from multiple sources. The smallest change to the company name on your account to make it unique will normally solve this problem. An administrator can accomplish this under My Account>Account Details and select Company Info to update the name.

  •  You can review Indeed’s My job is not shown on Indeed for additional reasons.

For questions on why your jobs are not appearing on Indeed, please contact them directly: How to Contact Indeed

 Submitting Your Active Job Postings for Organic Visibility on Indeed


1) Place your first active job online. 

2) We will send your jobs to Indeed. 

3) Contact Indeed if you have questions about your job posting.

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