Message templates is a feature available currently at select plan levels. This feature enables users to create and store multiple message templates that can be used in sending messages to applicants. Field Names are a part of this feature that enable users to insert database fields (such as applicant name and position applied for) into a message template to auto populate the email with the appropriate information from your applicant database.

Creating or Editing a Message Template 

1. To create or edit a Message template, go to Your Account and select Account Details from the drop down menu.

2. Under the Templates section, click on Message Templates.

3. Click on the Add a Template button at the bottom of the page to create a new message template or click on Edit to edit an existing template.

4. When the template create/edit fields open up on the page, fill in or make edits to the name, subject line and email body fields and then click on the Save Changes button.

Learn more about using Field Names in your Message Templates here.